Bennett Liebermann, Good Morning

Bennett Lieberman

New York, USA

Bennett Lieberman is a poet and visual artist who has worked in academia as a theoretical physicist and in quantitative finance.   His largely text- and color-based visual art explores the relationships between image and language.  Fragments of language, when viewed as overlays to color fields or as collage elements in other fine-art objects, acquire physical characteristics.  Conversely, visual elements resonate with transient and oblique meanings evoked by the associated texts. Several of his works begin with the dazzling displays of paint samples in hardware and paint stores, whose endless variations inspire fits of denominative fancy by the copywriters charged with naming them. These found objects (paint chips) are like space-age relics from the temple of light, celebrations of the perfect mathematics that generate all the electromagnetic radiances, seen and unseen.
The four “color poems” on display are carefully color-matched large fabric replicas of actual paint chips with lyrical fragments riffing on their colors and names.