Lola Erhart, G

Lola Erhart


Lola Erhart (b. 1989) is a visual artist born and based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She has a Degree in Fine Arts, specialized in drawing and painting. Her formation took place between Barcelona and Buenos Aires, with some of the most prestigious figurative painters from Argentina. At this time her body of work consists of a series of paintings that evidence the permanent conflict between figuration and abstraction; the rational construction of the figure and the emotionality of the stroke. These aspects (emotion/reason) understood as fundamental parts of the human psyche are the main focus of her reflections. Currently she is living in LA, since October 2015, when she got invited to an Artist Residency at 18th Street Art Center. She is using this time to generate new work and experiment with new media. Her main aspiration is to continue generating art from a genuine place; showing her particular way of observing human existence.