William Prosser, The Sword of Truth 2

William Prosser

Ventura, USA

For many years, Will studied Realism, Impressionism and Surrealism, nurturing a sincere approach to learn the craft of oil painting. A deep appreciation for the Eastern philosophies, yoga and zen, helped fuel a passion to acquire more wisdom regarding the age-old questions of our purpose and destiny. Drawn by the desire to understand inner relationships between the conscious and sub-conscious, emotions and logical mind, with all the hopes, fears and dreams, Will began to experiment with a creative process in painting which allowed an understanding and celebration of transformational self-discovery. While sharing work with others will always be an important aspect of art, “Révélateur” (French, “The Revealer”) places the importance with the artist as an enchanted witness during the creative process, wherein the act of painting reveals to the artist new relationships between the many threads in the fabric of consciousness.