Fabrik Expo x JAUS present Skulpturengarten

Fabrik Expo Art Fair in collaboration with JAUS is delighted to present Skulpturengarten, an indoor sculpture exhibition curated by Ichiro Irie featuring over 20 contemporary artists from Los Angeles and around the world. This event will take place October 5-7, 2018 at The Reef, downtown Los Angeles.

The concept of this exhibition takes its inspiration from the classic sculpture garden whose origins reaches as far back as 175,000 years ago in the Bruniquel Cave in France. Skulpturengarten will feature large-scale to monumental, freestanding sculpture works by some of the most exciting and innovative, emerging to mid-career artists. The works presented will showcase the diversity of materials and approaches employed by today’s sculptors including abstract, figurative and conceptual work that use carved wood, found objects, welded metals, sewn fabric, resins and fibers, and photo-installation.

Artists featured in Skulpturengarten include:

  • Shusuke Ao
  • Rochelle Botello
  • Anibal Catalan
  • Cara Chan
  • Martin Durazo
  • Ashley Hagen
  • Michelle Carla Handel
  • Jeff Colson
  • Lauren Fejarang
  • Jason Manley
  • Sandra Mann
  • Abdul Mazid
  • Anaeis Ohanian
  • Ephraim Puusemp
  • Macha Suzuki
  • Felicitas von Lutzau
  • Eric Vrymoed
  • Pontus Wilfors
  • …and more!



Artist JT Burke presents KATMOBL, a custom-wrapped Bentley Continental GT, at the Fabrik Expo art fair at Willow Studios in DTLA January 29-31. Burke has used his signature visual style, which includes photos of vintage costume jewelry that are creatively composed, to design the custom-printed wrap for his first art car.

“KATMOBL was created as a true ‘baller’s ride.’  It’s an elegant set of wheels with an eccentric, edgy skin that portrays my vision of paradise in LA,” says Burke about his artwork. “I began with an image I made in 2012. I used that as my inspiration and evolved the design from there. I’ll be showing that and other images in my booth at the Fabrik Expo art fair” says Burke.

About JT Burke

JT Burke uses his art to explore the human obsession with Paradise. He works with photos of collected costume jewelry to create fantastic compositions that represent intangible human desires, myths and philosophies. A former advertising photographer, Burke uses his commercial imaging skills to create unique works of art unlike any other.

JT Burke’s work can be seen at JTBurke.com.

Follow him on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: JTBurkeArt

CatMobile_Dark-street CatMobile_under-bridge CatMobile-on-6th-St-bridge


Artists’ Book Exhibition


This special exhibition curated by Jacki Apple will feature 25 unique works by eleven artists: Jacki Apple, Helen Thorington, Paul Soady, Rachel Rosenthal, Jerri Allyn, Cheri Gaulke and Sue Mayberry, Robert McGinley, Nobuho Nagasawa, Chihiro Minato, and Chiaki Saito.

The exhibition will feature one-of-a-kind artists’ books, plus signed and numbered limited edition books including photo/text books, hand-printed books, sculptural books, illustrated books, and more. Many of these works are already in prestigious collections, with only a few remaining copies left for purchase.

Titles include The Tower, In The Gully: Meditations on Water, Trunk Pieces, Partitions, Nihon Journal, Tatti Wattles: A Love Story, Magic Hour, A Play on Passion / In Four Movements, Role Confusion, Pagan Origin of the Xmas Tree, Marriage Matters, Offerings at the Crossroads, Frogskin, Impediment, Lost Knowledge, and more.

Visit the installation and talk with the curator Jacki Apple who was the first curator of artists’ book exhibitions at Franklin Furnace, NYC.

Cuban Artist Ángel Delgado is Digesting the News

Performance Art by Ángel Delgado
Curated by Marisa Caichiolo

Digesting the News is a performance that encourages the audience to reflect on the state of current affairs, which not only degrades the human condition but also determines the future of generations to come.

This work aims to draw attention to yellow journalism as well as the harsh, truthful and manipulative news stories that are part of today’s daily news cycle. From a metaphoric standpoint, the goal is to make the spectator reflect on our current situation and on how to “Digest the News.”

About Ángel Delgado

Ángel Delgado Fuentes is considered one of the leading contemporary artists of Cuban art living in exile. Through various media, he pursues themes of individual freedom and/or the lack thereof, especially in Cuba. In 1990, the artist was imprisoned in Cuba for six months following an anti-government performance art piece he presented in a Havana gallery. This work of art subtly criticizes the political conditions of contemporary Cuba—the fear of non-conformity, the confrontational few and the idea that freedom is just a trip away. Placed within a black suitcase is a series of small white sheep made of soap, in which several sheep run contrary to the herd.

Doron Gazit Installation – Red Line / Burnt Tree: Drawing the Line

This project is a visualization of a bleak future promised by continued resource neglect. Burnt Tree: Drawing the Line is intended as a warning, as a metaphor for the arteries of life, and a call to awareness.

Repetitive drought conditions in California will certainly result in a dramatically changed landscape in the cities. Dried out vegetation, feeding an unending cycle of fires and devastation, will seriously impact the quality of life in the entire area.

Burnt Tree: Drawing the Line is an installation featuring actual branches burnt in forest fires in the Los Angeles vicinity. The branches are reconfigured on aluminum truss supports, creating an overall effect of burnt trees in vanishing forests. In stark contrast to the black branches and aluminum towers, a ‘red line’ pierces the installation. The streak of red acts as an ‘emergency signal’ urging visitors, as they walk through the installation to consider the need to avert the dark reality of this ‘burnt forest.’

Burnt Tree: Drawing the Line is conceived as part of a series of environmentally conscious artworks the artist is currently creating in endangered natural areas around the world.

About Doron Gazit

Doron Gazit is an environmental artist and designer whose installations engage the landscape. With nature as his canvas, he reveals invisible currents of nature. His three-dimensional AirTubes and inflatable structures sculpt the air and reflect the sun. Using nature and urban environments as his canvas. They create a dialogue of air, wind, and sun.

Gazit discovered the power of making the invisible in nature visible when, as a student of the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, he introduced balloons to Bedouins in the Sinai desert. Rauch, the word for ‘wind’ in Hebrew and Arabic, is also translated as ‘spirit,’ and it is this dual meaning that continues to intrigue and guide Gazit in his work.

Gazit is now focusing his attention on serious ecological issues of the climate change that challenge our generation and are a threat to generations to come. So far, he has dramatically installed 500 feet long red AirTubes in the sinkholes of the Dead Sea, burnt forest and in the drought-dry Laguna Lake in San Lois Obispo. He plans to go next summer with the red line to the melting glaciers of Iceland and Alaska, floating islands of trash in the oceans and more. His brightly colored three-dimensional lines in such bleak landscapes create haunting images that alert observers to the urgent need to remedy and protect our endangered environment.

Gazit is also the photographer of his artwork.

Nobuho Nagasawa’s Synaesthesia Playground

The project is conceived and led by “Young Steinway Artist” Jocelyn Ho  (SBU Doctor of Musical Arts candidate 2016), and developed by Nagasawa along with another visual artist, five composers, three software developers, two computer scientists, and two fashion designers. “Synaesthesia Playground” combines music and sartorial art that will redefine the boundaries of the classical music, which will manifest at new music venues across the world with a world premiere concert scheduled at Stony Brook Recital Hall, and New York City in May.  This multi-disciplinary collaboration will result in six multimedia works to be featured in an international recital tour spanning the Americas, Australia, China, and Europe.

Recent scientific studies have shown that our senses are not as distinct as we once believed. Instead, they constantly talk to each other in our adaptive, plastic brains. This means that we don’t just listen with ears: sounds really do sound icy cold (temperature), sweet (taste), and radiant (sight). People whose senses intermingle particularly acutely are said to have the condition “synaesthesia.”  Synaesthesia inspires a new way of conscious listening: through all the senses of our bodies.

Using a variety of sensors on the body, new compositions will present the heartbeat, body movement, and body temperature of the pianist as triggers within audiovisual music in collaboration with the attire Nagasawa will design. By creating an interactive sartorial art that will be activated by the performer’s bodily rhythms, the performing body will become an augmented artwork itself, transforming the practice of music performance. This interactive attire, made from “woven” optical fiber, will pulsate with different bodily rhythms. The work itself will be a soulful journey of the connection between mind, body, and music.

“Synaesthesia Playground” Team:
Project leader and composer-pianist: Jocelyn Ho (Stony Brook)
FAHSS lead faculty and visual artist: Nobuho Nagasawa (New York)
Visual artist:, Takafumi Ide (Stony Brook) Composers: Daniel Weymouth (Stony Brook), Anne-Sophie Andersen (Stony Brook), Sidney Boquiren (New York) , Celeste Oram (New Zealand), and Andrew BattRawden (Australia) Software developers: Drew and Alex Petersen (Brooklyn),  Ben Finchley (Australia) Programmer and technical management: Pierre Depaz (New York) Computer scientist: Roy Shilkrot (Israel / Boston) Fashion designers: Bopha Hul and Troy Arnold of HUL ARNOLD (New York)

Sponsored by the Faculty in the Arts, Humanities and lettered Social Sciences (FAHSS), the College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of the Vice President for Research at Stony Brook University.

Model: Jocelyn Ho, Fiber art: Nobuho Nagasawa, Fashion Designers: Bopha Hul and Troy Arnold of HUL ARNOLD.




Nobuho Nagasawa

We are excited to present special works by interdisciplinary artist Nobuho Nagasawa as part of Fabrik Expo 2016.

Born in Tokyo, and raised in Europe and Japan, Nobuho Nagasawa received her MFA at Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. Nagasawa came to the United States as a visiting scholar at the invitation of the California Institute of the Arts in 1986, where she studied visual art, critical theory and music. Now residing in New York, Nobuho Nagasawa is an interdisciplinary artist whose site-specific works explore the places, politics, ecology and psychological dimensions of space and people. They emphasize both natural elements, such as earth, air, water, and fire, and biological elements, such as heartbeat, and body movement, transforming these elements into other mediums such as light, sound, and interactive movement by the use of technology. Her work involves in-depth research into cultural history and memory, with extensive community participation.

Nagasawa’s exhibition history includes the Royal Garden of the Prague Castle in the Czech Republic, Ludwig Museums in Germany and Hungary, Rufino Tamayo Museum in Mexico, the Getty Center for the History of Art and Humanities in the United States, Alexandria Library in Egypt, as well as exhibitions in Denmark, Italy, United States, and Japan. She has been represented in numerous international venues including the Asian Art Biennial (Bangladesh, 2002), International Art Biennial (Egypt, 2002, 2004, 2005), Sharjah Biennial (United Arab Emirates, 2003), Echigo-Tsumari Triennial (Japan, 2003) and Sinop Biennial (Turkey, 2006). Nagasawa has been commissioned for more than 20 public art projects in California, Washington, Texas, New York, Berlin and Japan, and is the recipient of several design awards.

More information can be found at http://art.stonybrook.edu/nagasawa/

TEDxTALK: http://Tedxtalks.ted.com/video/Water-weaving-light-interactive

Nobuho Nagasawa Projects

Voyage through the Void

Voyage through the Void

View a video of the project (01:26min.): https://vimeo.com/143921329


Water Weaving Light Cycle – Public Art Project, Seattle

Water Weaving Light Cycle – Public Art Project, Seattle

View a video of the project (02:36min.): https://vimeo.com/143818219


Utsusemi, 2015

Utsusemi, 2015

View a video of the project (01:27min.): https://vimeo.com/143921327


Transcendence of Justice 2013 John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York

Transcendence of Justice 2013 John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York

View a video of the project (01:01min.): https://vimeo.com/143921328


Landings 2009, Soto Metro Station, Los Angeles

Landings 2009, Soto Metro Station, Los Angeles

View a video of the project (01:59min.): https://vimeo.com/144063259


Flotilla 2010 University of Florida, School of Business

Flotilla 2010 University of Florida, School of Business

View a video of the project (02:36min.):


Bodywaves 2007, Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York

Bodywaves 2007, Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York

View a video of the project (04:04min.): https://vimeo.com/144063582