Clovis Blackwell - Fire Within

Clovis Blackwell

Los Angeles

Themes of suffering, perseverance, and transformation are central to my artisticidentity. Currently I am investigating these themes through the interlaced images ofmushroom clouds and flowers in my collection, Emanations: Come On, Heaven Awaits!(i.e., Sometimes You Have to Go in Even When It’s Scary).This examination of apocalyptic myths grows out of my childhood fascination withpostapocalyptic scifi. I see the apocalypse not as the end of all things, but as acentral metaphor for the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. I’ve come to understandthe significance of these myths as a means of reckoning the passage of one thing orstate into another. Embracing change is a concept too often resisted by individualswho are reluctant to pay the often high emotional price for transformation. Images ofcave entrances, flowers, and nuclear weapons tests layered in vibrant and colorfulintersections aim to generate multiple associations, opening up the appealingpossibilities of the transformative, the life in death, the creation in destruction. As an interdisciplinary artist, I enjoy the thrill of mastering new media anddiscovering the unique context each brings to the themes I am exploring. Throughscreenprinting I explore pattern and repetition, facsimile and simulacra, and theorder found in randomness and have found the transformative possibilities of theseelements in the beaded curtains I have recently begun making as well.