In the past, galleries played an important role in representing and nurturing artists. However, that system can no longer support the amount of good artists who seek representation today, or who are working in unconventional media and forms. Through the Fabrik Expo Art Fair, artists can directly present and discuss their work with curators, gallery directors, dealers, collectors, editors, publishers, writers, educators, and cultural organizations, those who seek to find, invest in, commission, promote and support the finest established, emerging and undiscovered artistic talent available today.

Apply NowFabrik Expo is currently seeking original works from artists and designers across the globe. To ensure the highest caliber work, our expert Selection Committee will review all applications and carefully select the artists who will exhibit at Fabrik Expo and have the chance to connect with the aforementioned professionals, plus thousands of visitors.

We are seeking artists in the following genres:

Book and Graphic Arts
Conceptual Art
Cross-Disciplinary Collaboratives
Digital Media and Interactive Art
Environmental and Social Projects
Experimental Architecture
High Concept Design Arts

Mixed Media
Performance Art (including documentation,
props & costumes)
Public Art
Sound and Video Art
Street Art and Murals
Textile and Fiber Arts

Pricing for Booths, Small Works Salon and Installation Spaces

Booth Pricing

We have 5 booth and gallery wall space packages available for photographers to participate in the fair. (Extra lighting and extra walls are available upon request for an additional fee).

Size: Square Feet (SQ FT) Size: Square Metres (SQM) Booth Cost Lights Included
10’ x 10’ x 10′: 100 SQ FT 9.3 SQM $3,250 4
10’ x 20’ x 10′: 200 SQ FT 18.5 SQM $5,500 8
10’ x 30’ x 10′: 300 SQ FT 28 SQM $8,000 12
4’ x 10’ x 4′: 80 SQ FT 7.5 SQM $1,600 3
8’ Wide Gallery Wall Space 3 SQM $975 2

Small Works Salon Pricing

The Small Works Salon, is a low-cost entry for artists who wish to participate in Fabrik Expo, who don’t need the traditional wall or booth options. The table-top platform for artists provides a way to showcase small-scale art such as paintings, ceramics, sculpture and drawings. The fees are as follows:

Table Size:
Flat Fee Extra Tables
4 Foot $350 $150 (4ft)
8 Foot $500 $300 (8ft)
12 Foot $750 N/A

Please contact us for customized space options, or if you wish to have a customized booth with your table.

Installation Space Pricing

There is a separate fee structure for artists, designers and collaborative groups whose work does not need to have a booth or wall presentation.

Installation spaces are available for works and projects that fit into categories such as Conceptual Art, Cross-Disciplinary Works, Public Art Projects, Environmental and Social Projects, Experimental Architecture, Architectural Installations, and so on. This flexibility allows artists to shape the space how they wish.

For these projects, the fee structure is as follows:

Square Feet (SQ FT)
Square Metres (SQM)
Flat Fee Extra Additional Square Footage
48 SQ FT 4.5 SQM $400 N/A
72 SQ FT 7 SQM $700 $20/SQ FT
100 SQ FT 10 SQM $1,000 $20/SQ FT

Please contact us for customized space options.

Video Installations

Please contact us to discuss video art projects, as we have several room options available. You can view some of the rooms available on our venue page.

Exhibitor Package

All exhibition packages feature a gallery-style, hard wall system or installation space. This will expedite the installation process and ensure a professional appearance. The exhibitor package includes:

  • Hard wall space, installation space or table-top
  • Signage
  • Complimentary Opening Night Party and General admission tickets
  • Discount tickets for your mailing list
  • Artist profile page on our website
  • Listing in the show guide
  • Art storage (limited)
  • Organizational & exhibition support
  • Basic lighting
  • Internet access
  • Credit Card Processing – if needed*

Payment Options for Art or Products Sold at Fabrik Expo

Apply NowExhibitors, please take special note that Los Angeles County requires the possession of a seller’s permit when accepting payment for artwork sold within the county. Therefore, to assist artists who live outside of Los Angeles County, Fabrik Expo will handle all purchases during the art fair on behalf of the non-resident artist.

Please also note, a credit card processing and handling fee of 8% will be deducted from all purchases processed by Fabrik Expo. If you live within Los Angeles County and are unable to personally process credit cards at the art fair, Fabrik Expo will gladly assist in processing your credit card transactions as well.

Representation Program

We have a special program available for those artists who may not be able to be at Fabrik Expo in person.

If you would like to take part in Fabrik Expo, but may not be able to be at the fair in person, we can represent you at the show. Our staff of art professionals will educate themselves about you and your work and be your representative at the show.

Should you want to participate in this program, please fill out the form on our contact page and we will get back to you with more details on how the program works.

Optional Services

For those artists wanting to have their work printed and/or framed or produced locally, we have several options to assist you. Please fill out the form on our contact page by letting us know what type of assistance you require, and we will help you with fulfilling your requests.

Selection Criteria

All applications will be juried by our Selection Committee of art professionals and curators.

Submission Information and Checklist

Please make sure you have read through this Exhibitor Application Information page thoroughly before proceeding to ensure that your application is complete. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Tips on Uploading a Successful Application:

  • Please make sure that your images are of high quality, clear, in-focus and well-lit so that the Selection Committee can properly assess your work.
  • Ensure that you have a cohesive body of work.
  • If possible, please show us the work you intend to exhibit at the Fair if selected.
  • Make sure that the file name of your images corresponds to your image list.

Before you begin, please make sure you have the following documents ready:

  • Images of your work (up to 15 images: .jpg or .jpeg only)
  • Image list (title, year, medium, size for each work: .doc, .docx, or .pdf only)
  • Brief biography (120 words max)
  • Artist headshot (.jpg or .jpeg only)
  • Artist resume (CV) (.doc, .docx, or .pdf only)

How to Apply

Visit our Application Page to apply. Applications are accepted online only.

Click here to Apply now. If you have any further questions, please contact Chris Davies at