Why is Fabrik Expo an excellent place to exhibit?

Fabrik Expo provides artists a venue to showcase their work in a professional show environment. Artists have the unique opportunity to directly present and discuss their work with global decision makers — curators, galleries, collectors, editors and publishers — who seek to invest in the finest established, emerging and undiscovered artistic talent available today.

Fabrik Expo is the sister show to Photo Independent, which is the first photography-only fair of its kind, open to emerging and professional, unsigned or under-appreciated photographers.

As the second largest art community in the United States, Los Angeles provides a diverse community of art professionals, curators, publishers, and patrons who can open doors of opportunity to our artists.

How is Fabrik Expo different than other art fairs?

Fabrik Expo puts the power back in the artist’s hand by providing a validated platform to showcase their work in a professional art fair environment. It provides curators, galleries, collectors, editors, educators, and various arts and cultural organizations and funders, a unique opportunity to acquire, collect, commission and sponsor art directly from the artists, plus meet and interview them.

Fabrik Expo gives artists a chance to present their work directly to an international audience and connect with top art professionals the same way galleries do in traditional art fairs.

Can I still exhibit if I am represented by a gallery in another state/country?

Yes. We have had several requests from artists who have representation on the east coast of the United States, but are seeking representation and exposure in other parts of the United States including the west coast, mid-west, and other regions across the country, as well as potential international interest.

Similar requests have also come from overseas artists seeking exposure and representation in the United States.

So, yes, you can still exhibit at Fabrik Expo and we provide the perfect venue for you as an artist to gain the exposure and make the valuable connections you are seeking in this market.

I would like to participate in Fabrik Expo, but may not be able to be there in person. Can I still exhibit?

We have a special program available for those artists who may not be able to be at Fabrik Expo in person.

If you would like to take part in Fabrik Expo, but may not be able to be at the show in person, we will represent you at the show. Our staff of art professionals will educate themselves about you and your work and be your representative at the show.

Should you want to participate in this program, please fill out the form on our contact page and we will get back to you with more details on how the program works.

What are the categories or genres for Fabrik Expo?

We are accepting artists in the following categories/genres:

Book and Graphic Arts
Conceptual Art
Cross-Disciplinary Collaboratives
Digital Media and Interactive Art
Environmental and Social Projects
Experimental Architecture
High Concept Design Arts
Mixed Media
Outsider Art
Performance Art (including documentation, props & costumes)
Public Art
Sound and Video Art
Street Art and Murals
Textile and Fiber Arts
Video Art

What is the deadline for artist submissions?

Submissions to Fabrik Expo are accepted on an ongoing basis. Space is limited and artists will be chosen on a first come, first admitted basis. We recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to submit your application, as spots may be full by that time.

Why is Fabrik Expo in Los Angeles?

As the second largest art community in the United States, Los Angeles provides a diverse community of art professionals and patrons who can open doors of opportunity to our artists. We find Los Angeles to be a valuable place for both the artist and art patrons seeking inspiration and exposure.

How are artists selected?

Artists are selected by an expert and diverse Selection Committee comprised of art professionals – curators, artists and writers. They will select the top talent across the globe and ensure that there is a diverse representation of art practices, media, and esthetics from various genres of art.