FABRIK EXPO is an artist incubator and platform for experiential art. We are very excited to be partnering with Gen Art for our launch in 2016.

For more than 20 years Gen Art has been heralding a convergence of fashion, music and art. The new Gen Art is a talent incubator, seeking out the best creative forces that will shape the future in their respective industries.

About Gen Art

Gen Art LogoGen Art is a new platform and talent incubator that celebrates film, fashion, music and visual art. Gen Art is passionate about those transformative moments in young artists’ careers when they begin to realize their potential.

The brand is artist-first and always innovative. From the start, Gen Art has been experiential, buzzworthy, and social-accessible to all in the know, who want to be entertained and inspired.

It’s time to raise the bar again, evolving for today’s digitally connected, disruptive, and highly creative age.

Gen Art’s Mission

To explore and innovate the path to success, to nurture the most promising fresh faces, and to inspire future generations of artists.

More information on Gen Art can be found at www.genart.com.