Jessica Fairfax Hirst Performance: Stigma Exorcism

Jessica Fairfax Hirst

Performance: Stigma Exorcism

Curated by Marisa Caichiolo

“Stigma Exorcism” is an interactive performance by American artist Jessica Fairfax Hirst where she uses her nude body as a creative vehicle to express and bring attention to social stigmas that cause individuals to be discredited by others in a certain way, be it being “Jewish,” “Arabic,” a “Muslim,” “white,” “black” or “guilty of an accidental homicide.” During her live performance, the artist will invite viewers to write stigmatizing words and preconceived prejudices on her bare skin in a symbolic attempt aimed at ridding society of them.

Hirst’s “Stigma Exorcism” performance has also been staged in the Miami International Performance Art Festival (Florida), at the International Multimedia Art Festival in Odzaci (Serbia), at the El Abierto de Acción Express in Madrid (Spain) and at the Dimanche Rouge Barcelona Edition in Barcelona (Spain).

Hirst currently lives in Venice, and during her artistic career, she has also done performances and participated in exhibitions in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.