Cuban Artist Ángel Delgado is Digesting the News

Performance Art by Ángel Delgado
Curated by Marisa Caichiolo

Digesting the News is a performance that encourages the audience to reflect on the state of current affairs, which not only degrades the human condition but also determines the future of generations to come.

This work aims to draw attention to yellow journalism as well as the harsh, truthful and manipulative news stories that are part of today’s daily news cycle. From a metaphoric standpoint, the goal is to make the spectator reflect on our current situation and on how to “Digest the News.”

About Ángel Delgado

Ángel Delgado Fuentes is considered one of the leading contemporary artists of Cuban art living in exile. Through various media, he pursues themes of individual freedom and/or the lack thereof, especially in Cuba. In 1990, the artist was imprisoned in Cuba for six months following an anti-government performance art piece he presented in a Havana gallery. This work of art subtly criticizes the political conditions of contemporary Cuba—the fear of non-conformity, the confrontational few and the idea that freedom is just a trip away. Placed within a black suitcase is a series of small white sheep made of soap, in which several sheep run contrary to the herd.