FABRIK EXPO premieres at Willow Studios, a 30,000-square-foot, indoor/outdoor film production and events venue in a central enclave of LA’s ever-evolving and internationally known Arts District — the eclectic urban engine driving the city’s most progressive visual culture.

The Arts District is famously home to world-class local and international fine art galleries and museums — more every day — along with the attendant foodie and mixology society they cultivate. But what makes these 40 square blocks of Downtown LA unique among other expanding gallery-oriented neighborhoods, is the prevalence of working professional art, maker, architecture, tech, and design studios — and of course a wild, exuberant, epically photogenic mural and street art culture.

In a very real sense FABRIK EXPO, and the Arts District are all one and the same. They share a history, a home, an inclusive experimentalism, and the hybrid interdisciplinary system-bucking zeitgeist that is emblematic of this moment in the world — and in the city that currently has the creative world’s full attention.

With Little Tokyo to the North, the new generation of warehouse galleries spreading South, Willow Studios’ 7th/Palmetto location is nestled in its core on a stretch of post-industrial architectural romance where all these realms converge. It’s the perfect place to turn the page on what an art fair and expo can really be.

Willow Studios

Arts District, Downtown LA
1320 Palmetto Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013